Transforming the future
of manufacturing

TAU is a New York and Hong Kong-based thematic investment​ platform with deep sector expertise in the global apparel and textile value chains.

We provide uniquely vetted investment opportunities creating impact at scale and above-market returns


Emergence of digital technology and rapidly shifting consumer values and fashion preferences have brought significant challenges across the apparel supply chain. Apparel and textile manufactures are struggling to adapt to new industry dynamics wherein speed and cost efficiency are the currency, and sustainability is a must.
It is imperative for the apparel supply chain to become digitized through advanced technology to rapidly scale and build infrastructure to enable speedy and responsible manufacturing. Apparel manufactures require partners who can help strategize and execute on advanced technology-based transformation plans.


As a strategic equity partner, TAU is uniquely positioned to accelerate the future of responsible and resilient apparel and textile supply chains, with the capital, resourses, hands-on operational expertise and relationships to drive impact and value generation at scale.
Through its transformational approach - ESG-led and technology-enabled - TAU seeks to:

Where we invest

Our custom-built, purpose-driven team of investors, operators and advisors identify opportunities to bring capital and expertise to transform manufactures into leading sustainable suppliers operating at speed and scale in the fashion and textile industries.
We seek growth equity investments and buyout opportunities in the apparel supply chain worldwide.

How we invest

We leverage our expertise to:

Shared value creation

Venturing beyond

TAU's blended expertise in supply chain, sustainability and investment management has led to the creation of TAU LAB, a technology and innovation hub where we empower and connect entrepreneurs, ecosystems and technologies.

Our unique transformation approach can be applied with benefit to many other adjacent or synergistic consumer industry verticals beyond the apparel industry, our starting point for transforming supply chains everywhere.