Matching positive impact and resilient returns

"TAU sees shorter, stronger, more sustainable upstream supply chain linkages as one of the biggest investment opportunities over the next decade.” – Oliver Niedermaier, Chairman & CEO

We believe that capital investments, digital solutions and operational upgrades, when paired with improvement of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics, can significantly increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve the productivity of workers, and increase revenues for manufactures, to ultimately generate superior economic returns for investors.

This is why we identify high-quality apparel & textile manufactures with significant upside potential and transform them into agile, sustainable manufacturing partners to brands.

Unique Industry insights

TAU is a team of hands-on industry insiders recognized for their insights into the rapidly evolving apparel and textile industry that our investors will have access to:

Geographical focus

TAU's geographical focus is on South-East Asia (SEA) regions and most notably on Vietnam and Indonesia where sizable apparel manufactures servicing large global fashion brand and retailers are headquartered. TAU leverages its global team to also identify re-shoring opportunities in the US and synergistic European targets, aiming to create unique blended onshore-offshore manufacturing platforms.

Investment criteria