upgrading infrastructure to unlock its full potential

TAU is an investment and advisory firm that enables leaders to make critical decisions at every connection point in the global apparel supply chain.

In a sector as fast moving and fragmented as apparel, we are also an agitator for change. We believe that it is essential to understand the challenges and opportunities facing innovative start-ups, major manufacturers, big brands, and retailers.

Alongside our advisory work, TAU makes investments in companies of all sizes to spur growth and development, including large growth equity commitments and early-stage venture deals.

investment management

We position companies for success with long-term equity to be invested in:

The proprietary private equity investments that we originate, execute and manage along all points in the global apparel supply chain take many forms and structures:

We manage funds and offer separately managed accounts.

advisory services

At TAU, we take a hands-on approach to support business transformation in manufacturing. We work with manufacturers to:

With our support, manufacturers can scale, and increase efficiency while meeting stakeholder demands for sustainability and transparency.

We design and implement transformational plans to align with brands' sourcing needs, helping secure partnerships that diversify the customer base and expand revenue. TAU's key brand relationships represent in excess of $50B annual sourcing value.

We provide advice across the apparel supply chain on: