TAU's Unique Approach

In addition to lower cost and higher quality for their apparel products, consumers are increasingly demanding that global brands and retailers provide products that have been manufactured responsibly. Consequently, responsible manufacturing is becoming a high priority for global brands and retailers, and their suppliers are key to helping them deliver this value.

At TAU, we recognize that transforming manufacturers into responsible suppliers can provide a significant competitive edge to brands and retailers. We have spent a substantial amount of time and resources to devise a sustainability framework that ranges from improved worker conditions to reduced environmental footprint for manufacturers. Ultimately, we believe that delivering on these social values bolsters the ability to unlock operational efficiencies, and is therefore critical.

We have developed a technological transformation program that identifies improvement opportunities and, through cutting-edge technological investments and process improvements, creates longer-term sources of revenue growth, margin expansion, and sustainability for our companies. Examples of these technologies include, but are not limited to, predictive analytics, robotics and automation, advanced materials, and track-and-trace technologies.

Through our unique approach, transformed manufacturers deliver efficiency while meeting the levels of sustainability and transparency that consumers, brands, and retailers demand.