Making Jeans Is Bad For The Planet.
This Factory Could Change That.

Sanjeev Bahl makes clothing, and money, without poisoning the environment. He wants the rest of the global garment industry to follow his lead.

A river of toxic blue sludge flows through a factory 18 miles outside Ho Chi Minh City, one of 165 plants inside a massive industrial park that makes everything from shoes to food and electronics. The ooze swirls into a hazy mixture as it wends its way through giant vats and filters. Nearby, Sanjeev Bahl puts an empty glass up to a spigot, where the now cloudy, colorless liquid trickles out. He lifts it to his lips and gulps it down.

“It’s great stuff,” he says. “It’s cleaner than World Health Organization water standards.”

[…] in May, Navis Capital, a private equity firm based in Kuala Lumpur, took a stake of undisclosed size. TAU Investment Management, which specializes in clothing supply chains, was an adviser on the deal.

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