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    TAU transforms supply chains.

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    TAU disrupts global industries.

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    TAU catalyzes systemic change.

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    TAU accelerates the inevitable.

TAU transforms supply chains.

TAU is a private equity firm established to generate above-market returns by upgrading global supply chains. Through our transformational approach, we seek to increase manufacturers’ profitability and scale, improve the environment and the lives of workers, and deliver superior returns to investors.

TAU disrupts global industries.

Our first fund targets the global garment and textile industry. We engage brands and retailers in order to identify investable suppliers and provide a secure market for companies post-investment, while implementing a comprehensive operations strategy designed to enable investee companies to become strongly profitable and sustainable industry leaders.

TAU catalyzes systemic change.

We create the suppliers of the future in industries where buyers increasingly demand bigger, better, faster, cleaner, more transparent vendors. Our highly structured investments will drive upgrades in suppliers’ infrastructure, technology, process, skills and capabilities, while providing liquidity and incentives to capital-constrained owners. By implementing a tested range of sustainability and worker training initiatives, we aim to increase margins and improve social, environmental, and other compliance metrics.

TAU accelerates the inevitable.

TAU orchestrates and implements capitalist solutions to capitalism’s failures. Our custom-built, purpose-driven team identifies opportunities to bring capital and expertise to transform producers into the leading sustainable competitors operating at scale in their industries. We will invest to create the supply chains of the future.

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TAU’s Commitments

  • Value  Creation

    We generate above-market returns by establishing unique capabilities to solve important market failures, create winners, and transform performance.

  • Humanity

    We work in spaces in which business is failing to deliver the right human outcomes, and support enterprises to consistently and profitably achieve those outcomes.

  • Accountability

    We make clear promises, deliver on them, and keep delivering on them.

  • Impact

    We achieve scale. Intentions don’t matter; lasting and measurable results matter.

  • Transparency

    We make results and practices visible through metrics and monitoring for investors and stakeholders.

Tau Global - We offer business assistance in the garment industry to improve supply chain and labor management through the promotion of social and environmental responsibility.

Deal & Operations Team

Our team spans the US and three current focus countries in South/Southeast Asia, where the textile/apparel industry is growing in the double digits annually.

Proprietary Deal Pipeline

Our proprietary deal pipeline targets the apparel and textile sector, covering dozens of Asian mid-market manufacturers.

Investment Parameters

Our investment parameters include: strategic equity stakes; effective governance via cash out/holdbacks; institutional-quality compliance and reporting standards; annual dividends; prearranged exit paths via secondary sales, rollups, and listings.

Operational Transformation Program

Our approach targets both immediate improvement opportunities and longer-term sources of revenue growth, margin expansion, and sustainability.

Brand Outreach

We work with the world’s leading brands and retailers to share information on favored suppliers, and channel transformed suppliers to customers.

Qualitative Upshift in Value

We increase value for our transformed portfolio companies based on higher revenues, profitability, and the market benefits of sustainability, as demonstrated in listed sector comparables in Asia.

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