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Capitalist Solutions for Capitalism’s Failures


TAU is a private equity firm established to generate above-market returns by upgrading global supply chains. Through its transformational approach, TAU seeks to increase manufacturers’ profitability and scale, improve the environment and the lives of workers, and deliver superior returns to investors.


By upgrading and de-risking supply chains, TAU uses capitalist solutions to solve capitalism’s worst failure – the undervaluation of human and natural resources. By investing to enhance the operational performance of manufacturers, TAU delivers value to all stakeholders, including investors seeking both superior returns and social and environmental benefits.

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TAU transforms supply chains

By creating highly profitable industry leaders that provide dignified and environmentally sustainable workplaces, TAU will make the case for better business – one that takes all stakeholders into account.


As a strategic equity partner, TAU is uniquely positioned to accelerate this future of responsible and resilient supply chains, with the capital, resources, and relationships to drive impact at scale. TAU believes the success of its model will set into motion a “race to the top,” driving the industry to action.

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